Spider Predators

Spider Natural Predators

There are many different predators that the Spider has to be careful of. The specific types of predators will depend on where they live. For example by bodies of water there are plenty of frogs and toads. This can also be a place where some types of lizards are going to be found. They all enjoy eating Spiders for meals.

They are able to find them with ease due to the fact that they are around the water looking for their own types of prey. It is a case of the hunter becomes the hunted.

Birds seem to be a common problem all over the place for Spiders. Birds have excellent vision and they are opportunistic. They tend to feed on the larger sized Spiders though but they will take what they can get. They aren’t going to be passing up any meals that come along!

In tropical areas there can also be issues with Monkeys. They are typically known as being plant eaters. However, they will also consume insects off of each other during the grooming process. They enjoy Spiders too and they are able to move rocks and logs where they may be hiding under.

For smaller species of Spiders there can be problems with ticks or the Spider Wasp. They will both be around just about everywhere. Insectivores are what they are often referred to due to their nature of hunting. Hundreds of types of bats will feed on various Spiders that they find.

Believe it or not, Spiders are their own worst problem when it comes to predators. Many of the species will only feed on other species. Yet there are those that are going to feed on each other as well. When that occurs it is usually the females that are going to eat the males after mating has occurred.

The Praying Mantis is also known to consume various types of Spiders. However, they are very particular about the types of Spiders they will eat.

In many locations that are humid and wet there can be fungi that develops. This can result in them becoming ill and dying due to the fungus getting into their bodies. They have too delicate of a system to be able to recover from such exposure.

Humans are predators of the Spider as well. They have one of two objectives in mind – to kill them or to trap them. Many humans want to wipe out the Spiders in their environment. They are able to do so successfully using traps and pesticides. They also trap them to be able to have elaborate pets to show off.

Humans inadvertently kill many Spiders too though due to their use of the same habitat. Even though Spiders are highly adaptable there is a limit to what they can do. When it is hard for them to find places to make their webs survival is tough. When humans take action to kill insects they are also depleting the Spiders of their main food source. In some areas there are Spiders being trapped in order to be able to have some delicious tasting food for their village.

Spiders have several types of defense mechanisms that they use to avoid predators as much as possible. This includes coloration that blends will with the surroundings, being able to jump, releasing venom, and more. It all depends on the specific species of Spider though.

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