Spiders and Humans

Spiders and Humans Relationship

Many people hate to see spiders around their home or when they are out exploring. There are people that have an irrational fear of them too called Arachnophobia. For the most part the majority of species are harmless. Yet is the few that aren’t which really make people afraid.

The stories and legends about Spiders don’t seem to help them get a better reputation either. There are some good stories though such as the Itsy Bitsy Spider and the stories of Spiderman that give us some positive outlooks on them.

Most species of Spiders only bite in self defense. However, humans can be considered a threat without even realizing it. The bit may be nothing at all such as that of a bee sting or even a mosquito bite. In other instances though it can be a major source of pain. The venom can be deadly so medical assistance has to be sought immediately.

It is a good idea to find out the types of Spiders that may live in your particular area too. Then you can be well prepared. Get to know where their habitat is, what they look like, and what color schemes of Spiders can be very dangerous around your location. Never pick up a spider either that you may not be familiar with.

Many humans continue to do what they can to eliminate Spiders around them. A common method is to use insecticides that have harmful toxins in them. These chemicals get into the air we breathe and the water we drink. Plus, the Spiders that aren’t killed by them continue to build up an immunity. Then more and more of the toxic chemicals have to be used on them in the future.

Most humans know that the Spider can reproduce in very large numbers. As a result they worry when they see one of them. They want to make sure they get rid of it right away. The thought of an infestation of Spiders is very unnerving. Parents also worry about their children being around such dangerous creatures so they do all they can to trap them and kill them.

The venom of Spiders is what is so dangerous for humans, not the bite. That venom is used in the wild to kill prey. Spiders can’t consume solid food so they have to liquefy it first .The venom in the body of a human may be toxic enough to start to liquefy the skin and the tissues.

When a person has been bitten by such a dangerous spider they need to seek immediate medical attention. There are plenty of anti venom products available now that can stop the flow of the poison through the body. The sooner it is injected the more likely it is that the person will make a complete recovery.

There are some studies that continue to show there could be a use in the world of medicine for Spider venom. There is still plenty that has to be done though before such efforts can be proven as credible. Still, it may be one way for humans to start seeing Spiders in a new perspective.

In some locations such as Cambodia Spiders are considered to be a delicacy. People will hunt them in order to create various types of dishes with them. It isn’t fully known which of the species they will use and what they will avoid.

There are also people that love to keep exotic creatures such as Spiders as pets. Tarantula is one species that seems to be very fitting of this. Yet these creatures aren’t met to be in captivity and they can become very aggressive if they are in stressful living conditions.

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